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MBE, WBE, DBE, & SLBE Advisor

Why do you need a Certification Specialist?
Time. Guidance. Opportunities.

There is government-related work out there waiting for your company. You just need someone with the expertise to help you obtain it. 


Osman Consultants will guide your business through the certification process. Once you're certified -- or even if you've been certified for years -- we can maximize your potential for government contracts. 


As a certified MBE, WBE or SLBE contractors and developers need you to secure their required participation. Both contractors and government employees looking at participation review the online database B2GNow for availability in various trades for upcoming projects.


If your online profile doesn't have the keywords they're searching for, you may not be contacted about potential job opportunities, even if your company can perform the work! That's money lost! Also, if you are certified but not in a particular scope, your company's work in that area doesn't count for participation on the project. Contractors and developers absolutely take this into consideration when determining who will work on their projects. 


Failure to be comprehensive in your certification means your business could miss opportunities worth millions. 

Let me work with you as a Certification Specialist. I can:


  • Review your B2GNow profile to ensure the accuracy of your company's informational items 

  • Analyze previous contracts to determine what NAICS codes your company isn’t currently certified for that it should be.

  • Review your Certification Information section and make recommendations for additional keywords to include. 

  • Make recommendations for areas where your company may not yet be able to be certified, but may wish to consider in the future.

  • Put your company on a specialized distribution e-list to let you know about MBE, WBE, and SLBE opportunities around the area as they arise.


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