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Developer Consultant


Why do you need an Affirmative Action Compliance Specialist?
Money. Bad Press. Loss of Future Opportunities.


Working with the government is confusing. And that confusion can cost your business.


Failure to meet affirmative action requirements on your project may lead to removal (debarrment) from the project itself. You could be eliminated from consideration on future opportunities. And get hit with liquidated damages up to the amount of deficiency. In some cases liquidated damages can be 30% of the total contract value! 


No business can afford that and no one should have to worry about a threat like that derailing their project ... or the embarrassing bad press that comes along with it. 


Osman Consulting is committed to ensuring that this never happens. Not only will I explain what your obligations are through every step of the plan, but I will work with you, your general contractor, and all its subcontractors to make sure everyone understands and complies with the obligations of the TIF Affirmative Action policy. From the pre-construction phase through closeout, I will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly and all your requirements are met or exceeded. 

Let me work with you as an Affirmative Action Compliance Specialist. I can:


  • Walk you through, step by step, the Affirmative Action process and what is needed to comply with it.

  • Assist in coordinating the bid process, hiring, scheduling and management for all subcontractors

  • Develop/maintain a database of the available labor pool by workforce or available M/WBE firms by scope  

  • Attend pre-bid meetings, and establish outreach for participation in the community

  • Conduct on-site reviews to monitor utilization      

  • Compile and prepare evidence for all Good Faith Effort reviews if necessary



If you are in need of legal work, I can provide it. But, should you have already selected a law firm to represent you, I can work seamlessly with the attorneys to ensure full and timely compliance of your contractual obligations.



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